Peel and Stick Solar Panels from Power-Ply 380

by Mark R

If you’re like me, then you hate the high costs that you have to pay on your electric bill. In the past ten years that I have lived in my current home, my energy bill has doubled.

Perhaps I should find a way to supplement the cost of my energy bill by using renewable energy sources that aren’t tied to “the man”. And what better renewable energy source is there than the power of the sun?

In all honesty, I wouldn’t know where to begin with installing solar panels. I mean, how do you hook them up so you can get some practical power going? I do know that installing solar panels can be just as expensive as the panels themselves.

I could use some solar panels that have a peel-and-stick backing. Say, now there’s a great reason to purchase the Power-Ply 380 Peel and Stick Solar Panels.

All a user needs is a flat roof for these individual 8 x 4 foot tiles, and installation costs alone are reduced by 70 percent. This sounds like one those “too good to be true so it probably is” devices, but I think it is a step in the right direction for individual energy production. Any way to reduce the energy bill is always a good thing.


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