Motorola has new Bluetooth headsets

July 1st is the deadline where drivers in California and Washington are expected to ditch the habit of talking on their cell phones while driving if they want to avoid getting slapped by a hefty fine. Instead, they’ll need to resort to hands-free kits in order to carry on their conversations while being stationed behind the wheel, or simply rely on the cell phone’s built-in speakerphone function (if any). Motorola aims to take advantage of the situation by offering a couple of new Bluetooth headsets as both mentioned states join New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in allowing only hands-free phone use behind the wheel.

What makes California such a lucrative target is the huge market in the state – it has by far the highest number of licensed drivers of any state, amounting to nearly twice the amount found in Texas – and Texas is number two behind California, so you go do the math. This is probably the main reason behind Motorola’s plan to unleash a new car-specific Bluetooth headset in the next month or so in the Golden State. Beats me what will make these Motorola devices better than a portable Bluetooth car kit, but the big M themselves claim that their products have the added advantage of noise reduction and echo-canceling technology, allowing you to carry out your conversations in a crystal clear manner without any problems whatsoever (barring poor connections with the carrier, of course). In addition, the volume will be able to adjust itself automatically in order to compensate for road noise – great for those riding in old jalopies. The H620 Bluetooth headset is also equipped with a car charger, ensuring your important calls don’t just get cut off because you run out of juice during a long drive.

There is no word on pricing, but if you’re a driver in California, would you pick up the Motorola H620?

Source: Wired