Momenta Next Generation PC

by Mark R

Did you ever feel like you are so into your computer that it practically has you by the throat? Well, this next generation Momenta is designed to sits around your throat.

Yes, that collar that this woman is wearing is a PC. I’m sure you are wondering how it can function without any type of visible display. There is apparently a projector in front of the apparatus, so your information will be seen on any nearby blank wall. The user can then touch the displayed screen, and the Momenta somehow knows where your fingers have been.

The Momenta can also sync wirelessly with any display with wide coverage of 700 MHz. Another one of the more interesting features of this device is that it can record the last five minutes of your life. Apparently, it can sense your increased your heart rate, and then cameras in the Momenta come on. You now have your memory (or lack thereof) stored in digital file for safekeeping.

The Momenta uses a Windows-based operating system, and is filled with other peripherals. Right now, the Momenta is a concept design for the NextGen PC Design Competition, so it probably won’t be available soon.

Who knows, maybe this will catch on, and soon everyone will be walking around with Momenta PCs on their necks. That way, the evil machines can possess us a lot easier. Okay, that was a little too negative, but I suppose it is the collar look of the Momenta that makes me feel this way. I think all the positives that I mentioned above far outweigh any potential negatives, though.


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