Produce Cleaning Net: How About Them Apples?

by AndrewD

After I come home from the store I make it a point to clean off all of my fruits and veggies I had just purchased. When those things are sitting around on the grocery rack, you have no idea the amount of dirt and germs the produce picks up. The problem is that I usually have to do this one by one. Washing each piece of fruit individually. My hands get totally soaked, and sometimes my clothes even get wet from the dripping bounce back.

The Produce Cleaning Net is a cool solution for washing all of your fruits and veggies at once, without getting totally soaked in the process. The Net is designed to sit and soak in the sink with your produce. When your done washing your fruits lift the net, and the dirty water seeps right down the drain.

Soaking the produce helps release all of the embedded soil which gathers in the fruits’ skins. The Produce Cleaning Net allows for many more contaminants to be shed from the produce compared to hand cleaning them with a small brisk of water.

You can purchase your own Produce Cleaning Net from Solutions online store for $9.95. A small price to pay for keeping your produce as fresh and clean as it should be. You never know what sort of chemical monstrosities were added to the food over the period of time since they were picked.

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Neagle Says: June 14, 2008 at 9:11 am

Washing your fruit and vegetables is prudent but, don’t be fooled that you are washing away all the pesticides. Cyanide in particular grapes still remains to be an issue both in import and US grown product. Cyanide as well as a slew of chemicals are absorbed into the plant. Demand to know whats in your food. This looks like a good product. I have been using netted laundry bags from the “dollar” stores for years now both at home and work.

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