Backyard Outdoor Theater System

by AndrewD

You’ve got a beautiful backyard, with a gorgeous pool and a deck large enough to size a decent sized party, but something is missing from this luxurious scene. Where is the multimedia? A bunch of people standing around chatting on a pool deck can only steal the crowd’s attention for so long. And a music system blasting cheesy classical music can only accomplish so much.

If you’ve got the money, why not add an awesome theater system to go along with your poolside facade? The Backyard Theater System is an all-in-one unit for displaying video on a large screen on your very own property. Awesome for both sporting events and movies alike, this theater system from Frontgate offers the very finest of outdoor displays.

The theaters incredible 720p digital resolution 12-foot wide screen is completely weatherproof, which means there’s no inflatable parts which have to be messed with everytime you want to watch video from your poolside. It takes just 20 minutes to assemble and dissemble the full product. The system ships with a pair of 80 watt speakers and a Epson MovieMate 72 projector for producing a theater-quality experience.

It’s all easily transportable with an included travel bag, and the Epson MovieMate even features wheels for easy movement. With a retail price set at $2,999, you’ll be spending less than you would be on a theater system for inside of your home, which is pretty incredible if you ask me.

Product Page via Baller House

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