Otto-Bench Hides A Gym Right In Your Living Room

by AndrewD

Are you still looking to achieve that ultimate Chuck Norris physique? In order to flex your beard to its full potential you need a wide array of exercise equipment so you can ensure you’re always able to get your work-out going. The problem is if you don’t have enough space in your home, you certainly can’t just place a home gym in your living room.

That is unless you have the right gym! This excellent Otto-Bench hides the home gym right in your own living room, disguised as a place to sit or even an extra-large ottoman. The Otto-Bench provides an “adjustable Olympic bench press and a free weight set to create a workout solution for small urban living environments.”

Designed by Gabriel Prero and Life Fitness, the Otto-Bench is still in its conceptual stages, but if this gadget does hit the mass market eventually, the renderings suggest that 10 color choices will be available, making it easy to integrate into your decor. We imagine this would save a ton of space in apartments and small homes.

When you move into a small place, there is a lot of personal belongings you might have to sacrifice. Hopefully the Otto-Bench will allow us to keep our home gym equipment with us wherever we might travel. You never know when financial trouble might put you in a tough spot.

Product Page via Baller House

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