The Talking CPR Flashlight

This odd little flashlight is bound to make a few people wonder how on earth such a combination came about.  It’s a flashlight that will talk you through CPR.  I have actually been CPR certified at least 4 times and to be perfectly honest I get a little concerned even still that I’ll magically forget a step.  Especially the specific process for infants, I can never seem to remember that one perfectly.  This flashlight is meant to give a refresher of the steps for the adult, child and baby.

Now the small drawback is that it is compliant with the 2005 guidelines, which I believe is perfectly up to date as of now.  However, I know not too many years back they actually changed a few things about it.  It was something like you count one less second or pushed on the persons chest one less time.  All that means is that you might need to be a little more committed and try to keep an ear out for any updates.  Either way this little flashlight would be great to toss into an emergency kit.  On the flashlight you can select adult, baby or child and then if you need to you can hit pause on the bottom as well.  It is being sold for $34.95.

Source: Switched