Survey Says 70% Of iPhone Apps To Be Free

We’re so psyched for Apple and announcements that a slightly frail looking Steve Jobs’ made at WWDC. Not only is the new 3G iPhone coming to 70 new countries in the coming months, including the UK and Canada, but Apple will be launching their App Store both native on the device and through iTunes.

Wall Street analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray conducted a poll on the floor of WWDC and has come to the conclusion that signs suggest that as much as 70% of the planned applications for the App Store might be available for the price of… free!

The polling also showed a surprising amount of developers focusing on Enterprise software, which might not be that great for the end-user, but is surely a welcome rumor for the business ladder. Of course, this poll could be skewed since Munster only talked to 20 out of the 5,200 developers attending the WWDC, but it does give us a broad idea.

Even more awesome is that even the apps that aren’t free will likely have an average price of under $3.00. The apps which will likely be on the high-end of the price spectrum are premium games from big names such as Electronic Arts and Sega, as seen on display at both WWDC and the iPhone SDK roadmap keynote back in March.