Pioneer release new DVD drives


Pioneer might not make a whole lot of money from optical drives for the computer, but that doesn’t mean they’ll just leave this lucrative hardware segment untouched. Having said that, Pioneer has announced a couple of internal computer drives which are capable of writing up to 20x on DVD-R/+R media while delivering unprecedented write quality that exceeds the performance of similarly priced competitive devices. The two new drives in question are the Pioneer DVR-116D and the DVR-216D DVD/CD writers, with both of them boasting a new Optimal Write Speed setting that recognizes the disc media and automatically adjusts the drive’s write speed. This is definitely a convenient thing to offer, as it saves the hassle for seasoned “burners” to toggle the necessary settings, while newbies get whatever they want transferred to a disc-based media in the shortest time possible.

In addition to the traditional images and file preservation, the DVR-116D and DVR-216D bring a new level of write functionality for users. Pioneer’s Optimal Write Speed function allows the drives to instinctively prioritize performance to best suit the disc media onto which it is burning content resulting in a higher quality finalized disc. While increased write speed is a necessary advancement, Pioneer sought to improve the overall user experience by redesigning the drives’ internal mechanisms to better insulate the distracting noise often generated by a disc spinning at extremely fast rotations per minute (RPM). The unique interlocking design ensures a low acoustic noise by “trapping” the airflow noise generated by the spinning disc while simultaneously dampening the sounds created by normal drive usage. This feature is extremely valuable for those who are using the computer drives in a media center PC or any other application where the sound needs to be kept to a minimum.

Both the DVR-116D and DVR-216D will ship later next month.

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