360 is the New Extreme

You remember back in the nineties when everyone was tacking on “Extreme” as a descriptor for whatever it was they were doing? Whether it was something risky like mountain biking or something mundane like Mountain Dew, everything was “EXTREME!” I guess it was a response to the Extreme sports fad that is still going on, and will probably never die.

The 360 is another extreme offering from a designer Francesco Sommacal. Instead of standing on the board like skateboarding or snowboarding, the user actually sticks his or her feet in the wheels itself, giving a whole new level of control.

The wheels are thick and rugged, allowing the 360 to traverse areas that a skateboarder or inline skater can’t normally play in, like gravel and grass. This sets the user free from concrete, and their next extreme experience could be as close as the next hill rather than half-pipes at skate parks.

Not only is the 360 more versatile, but, as it’s name implies, it is capable of some very cool tricks like flipping end over end.

Unfortunately, the official site does not give a price or availability date. What I would really like to know is how long an average (or an expert) would take to master this new method of extreme fun.