The Car Projector Clock for those that are clock deprived

by Ally

You have to love those gadgets that make you pause and really wonder.  Mostly about how many people actually purchase it.  This one is definitely one I had to stop and think for a bit as to why on earth it’s actually necessary.  Really, cars come equipped with clocks, that’s a pretty standard thing.  However, I did have at one point an old Ford that you had to look at the clock at just the right angle to actually read the time.  It was an old piece of junk though, everything about that car had issues, but I do get that there are some people that are neglected in the clock department.  It is still a far cry from the brand new car they feature on the site to show the laser in action.

The projector is 12V and works by plugging into your cigarette socket, which for those of us with several gadgets is going to get obnoxious.  That socket gets used enough by cellphone chargers and for some of us even GPS units.  The cable length is about 158 cm so you do have a little bit of room to position it properly.  It also has double-sided tape to stick to wherever it is you decide to place it.  It is being sold for $32 and frankly for that price, I’d just buy a watch.  That or a much smaller stick-on LED clock or even buy a new radio that displays the time a bit better.

Source: geekalerts

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