Test Tube Digital Clock

While the product name is of the above, I think it is more of a nixie digital clock – perhaps something got lost in the translation somewhere? Anyways, the entire row of red LEDs are embedded within each “test tube”, all hooked up to a wooden stand to make this an interesting conversation starter. Not only are the hours and minutes displayed – even the seconds are also up for all and sundry to see. The Test Tube Digital Clock retails for $75 (including shipping) – pretty pricey if you ask me, but it isn’t something you can just buy off the shelf either.

1 thought on “Test Tube Digital Clock”

  1. This is not a nixie clock, it has LEDs in the tubes, nixie tubes rely on a vacuum and have a very distinctive look, if you look at an unlit one, all the letters/numbers are individually made of wires. so it is simply a test-tube clock

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