NZXT Khaos PC Case Gaming Chassis

by AndrewD

We’ve never heard of these guys before. I dunno, maybe we’re not up with the times. Or maybe NZKT is still a no-name in the computing industry. Either way, we’ve discovered them through their new NZKT Khaos PC gaming chassis, which mixes high-performance with sleek and sophisticated style.

A lot of PC cases these days look too cartoony or too nerdy (for some people, certainly not us as you can plainly tell) to be practical for any office or home. The Khaos successfully integrates a moderately geeky, yet sophisticated design style, with enough backing chassis performance to sell to the heavy gamer.

The Khaos houses three channel cooling, including a three 120mm fan bracket placed directly before the video card and motherboards, which are places you’re going to want to cool down immediately. Dual power support is included to suffice the power hungry gamer.

This big boy also features a host of goodies, including 11 5.25″ bays for tons of expansion room, mounted rubber finished wheels so you don’t scuff up your floor, a flippable motherboard tray and a handle for easier transport, we guess to any LAN parties. You’ll be able to pick up your own NZXT Khaos for around $400 later this month.

Source via SlipperyBrick

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monkoosbob0 Says: June 10, 2008 at 5:40 pm

NZXT is definitely not a no-name brand, i have thought that their previous cases are a tad too cheesy, they usually are of the cheap pre-modded assortment. This actually looks like a step up for them.

AndrewD Says: June 11, 2008 at 8:11 am

@monkoosbob0: NZXT is new to me 🙂 I’ve haven’t built my own PC yet though, so that might be a reason why I haven’t dabbled much with that.

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