NaviSis Makes the PC Screen Work with the Pen

by Mark R

Recently, I obtained some information about a company known as NaviSis, as well as their latest products. All of them are based on Thunderbolt and Lightning technology, which allows tracking of their digital pens “with the use of the difference of velocity between light and sound”.

Considering that the up-and-coming Windows 7 may use a lot of touch-based technology, it might be time to look into ways of interfacing with the computer that do not include the keyboard and mouse. Navisis is surfing the wave of the future with four products that can convert a Laptop into a Tablet-PC like touchscreen.

The first is the Tablet Mouse, a wired or wireless e-Pen type mouse that allows the user to draw on the table without a pad. It will record whatever it is that you are writing or drawing digitally, so you can use it later for whatever digital application.

The Navinote has a magnetic clip used to hold writing or drawing paper. Like the Tablet Mouse, it is designed to record what you write.

The Laptop pen is designed to clip onto an ordinary laptop, turning a screen into a drawing space. The EZ Canvas takes the concept of a screen into a drawing room and completely amplifies it, making it a place that Da Vinci could work on.

Navisis is a Korean company, so I’m not certain when their products will make it overseas, if at all. I suppose if the Digital Pen market ever takes off, Navisis will be leading the charge.


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