Hop-On to roll out half a dozen more handsets


Hop-On has just announced that they will be introducing six new cell phones that will see a worldwide distribution. This new handsets will consist of Hop-On’s new HOP1800 series that range from the $125 PDA handset all the way to the cheapest cell phone in the world that retails for a mere $10 – in the US at least. Despite the relatively low price, these handsets were constructed using high quality standards of components and manufacturing so you don’t have to worry about having them melt while you’re through a conversation haflway.

The HOP1801 Smart Phone will be one of the handsets released worldwide, laying claim to be the cheapest smart phone in the market. As for the HOP1803, this has been targeted as an Ultra Low Price GSM Tri band phone, while the HOP1805 is an Ultra Low Price cell phone for emerging markets. Those who are looking for a camera phone can settle for the HOP1810 GSM Dual Band camera phone. These four mentioned handsets will be available for distribution in North and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, supporting English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and more upon request. As for those living in North and South America, they are privy to the HOP1808 Dual Sim Mobile Phone with Camera which features audio and video playback, an integrated FM radio, and optional Bluetooth connectivity. Those who prefer to look up the technological ladder can settle for the HOP1809 3G cell phone with camera, featuring support for MP4, MMS, SMS and Bluetooth connectivity. The blind are not left out either with the HOP1800, as it doesn’t come with a display of any kind but boasts a Braille keypad as well, making this just about the cheapest GSM Dual band phone in the world.

Cheap and good normally don’t go together, but I think an exception can be made with Hop-On products.

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