Electronic Trash Becomes Steampunk-Style Animal Art Treasure

by AndrewD

Us geeks seem to be a magnet for accumulating electronic crap. As we keep buying more and more gadgetry, our stockpile of unused electronic equipment becomes higher and higher. And of course, we can’t just throw out the excess. It would be way too much of a waste.

The good news is that if you have a bit of an arts and crafts edge to your geekiness. there are some pretty cool ways to use the old electronic equipment to create new pieces of recycled art. These awesome animal sculptures are all the proof we need to excuse our pack-rat ways.

Designer Anna Smith has mastered the art of taking broken and left-over electronic equipment and creating something beautiful and innovative. The techy feel of these animal sculptures gives the art pieces a undeniable Steampunk edge which is hard for any geek to ignore.

We don’t have to resort to the trash bin for our unused treasures. There are other ways to go about it. And these sculptures are a perfect excuse to use when our housemates display their dismay with our ever growing collection of junk treasure. You can grab your own sculpture over at Etsy for varying prices depending on the model.

Product Page via The Design Blog

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