Digital Message Tape to send packages in true geeky style

by Ally

Gadgets don’t always have to be overly complex to be cool.  Sometimes they can just be a bit of quirky like this boxing tape.  Personally, I’m about to move in a month and boxing tape that I can write directly on it would be perfect.  After reading through Think Geek, several times, and even sending the link off to a friend.  I only have a guess as to exactly how you use the tape.  Think Geek says they include a marker pen, so one guess is that you run the pen either over the lines you don’t want or over the lines you do want.  Either way, it’s not like it would take much to figure out.  They just don’t come out and say one way or the other on the site itself.

The tape is definitely cool and has definite geek appeal, however, it’s not really all that practical for everyday use.  Maybe to label a few things but I wouldn’t actually use it to box up a lot of items.  It’d be especially fun to send a package to a fellow geek with this stuff sealing it though.  Even though it doesn’t have a whole lot of practical uses, it’s still going on my wishlist on Think Geek.  The rolls come in two different sizes one is 2” wide and being sold for $8.99 and the other is .7” wide and being sold for $4.99.

Source: bbgadgets

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