The USB Butterfly Webcam

by Ally

If you’re tired of boring gray and black electronics this cute little butterfly will be a refreshing change.  That is if you’re female, I doubt many guys would be overly pleased by a brightly colored butterfly webcam.  Then again I’m sure there are at least a couple exceptions to that.  The webcam easily attaches to the back of your laptop and peers over the top of it to catch a glimpse of you while you type away at whoever you may be broadcasting to.

It also features a nice bendy neck giving you angles that some webcams might not want to bend to catch.  In addition to being able to fasten to your laptop it can also sit on its stand.  Which isn’t really all that different from every other webcam on this earth.  The cam comes in both blue as well as green and is USB powered.  Thankfully, it isn’t overpriced either.  It’s being sold for $20, so anyone with the urge to have such an overly girly webcam won’t have a problem dealing with the price.  You can pick it up at USB Geek which seems to have every possible bit of USB devices you could possible desire.

Source: geekalerts

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