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Lighting Science Group has finally announced the US availability of its Eyeleds brand of solid state decorative lighting systems, making Eyeleds the first ultra-thin, recessed commercial and residential solid-state lighting systems for flooring, sidewalks, patios and other surfaces. What makes Eyeleds so different from the rest? Well, for starters, the low profile Eyeleds product is ideal for various building materials, including carpeting, wood panels, walls, concrete and other flat surfaces, bringing to the table a “green” lighting option for a whole range of customers including consumers, wholesalers, architects and design firms, flooring and lighting distributors, landscape designers and contractors.

These new Eyeleds products measure 1/4″ (6.5mm) deep, operate on 12VDC and sip a mere 0.3W per light point. Built for easy installation in majority of building materials such as carpeting, hardwood, laminate, stone, porcelain, ceramic, quartz, rubber, cork and bamboo, you can dress up both indoor and outdoor environments with Eyeleds. Since the design is so simple, you do not need to have it fitted by a certified electrician, as a building products trade professional or the average “do it yourself” consumer will be more than savvy to have it installed.

Some of the products include FloorLEDs, Multi, and Eyeleds Outdoor which will be described in greater detail below.

FloorLeds are the flagship line of the Eyeleds product range. FloorLeds are for indoor flooring applications. They are available in five colors and three different lens shapes. These decorative indoor lights are hard wired in chains of three to 20 LED light points and can be used in carpeting and hard flooring.

Similar to FloorLeds, this range includes individual LED lights with two 30″ wire leads that have pluggable connectors at each end. Multis are for indoor use and are available in the same colors and shapes as FloorLeds. They are ideally suited as interior design accents, guide or night lights in steps, baseboards, wainscoting, counter tops, backsplashes, walls, stair stringers, stair risers and stair treads.

Eyeleds Outdoor
The Eyeleds Outdoor range consists of architectural, recessed walk-over landscape lighting, and is available in the round lens style. This product is used as accent, orientation, marker, guide or night-lights in outdoor landscape designs, decking, pavers, tile, boat docks, piers and concrete sidewalks and driveways.

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