Nature On Display: When The Earth Is Endangered

by AndrewD

Global warming, nuclear apocalypse, urban sprawl. Nature is on trial and it’s slowly losing the fight. We’ve still got a lot of natural scenery intact, but everyday, beautiful forests and mountain settings are put at risk by the move of human expansion. Nature might one day, become an endangered species.

So what will humans do to retain a piece of out natural past? How far will we go to preserver the feeling we get when we gaze upon a beautiful waterfall or a series of gorgeous trees. Finnish photographer Ilkka Halso’s photographic series ‘The Museum of Nature’ delves into a future which might put nature on the stand as a rare sight.

The Museum of Nature visually documents the possible future of viewing nature. Displaying a series of man-made structures that enclose nature, grasping on to the last hope for humans to view the Earth’s past. These structures would make nature a form of theater, complete with a seated audience.

We suppose that a future such as this is what drives the green activists to continue their fight in saving the spectacle of nature. The Museum of Nature could possibly be a peek into a grim future for nature. The important thing is, that there are at least people who are willing to preserve nature for the viewing of others.

Design Page via Inhabitat

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