Wii Spray: The Game of Vandalism That Doesn’t Exist Yet

by AndrewD

Grand Theft Auto is one of the greatest, most controversial, and most notorious game brands to ever exist. Despite the amazing success of the newest addition to the series, Grand Theft Auto IV was not released for the Nintendo Wii console. Maybe they were waiting for the right time to release the game. Say, when they had an awesome new peripheral to make their version unique.

So maybe vandalism isn’t a huge selling point for a game that features the mass slaying of prostitutes and high-speed pursuits. On the whole scheme of things, graffiti is the least of the cops problems in the GTA series. But even so, the Wii is in need of a little risque edge. Something to attract the solo angry gamer. The Wii Spray might be right up their alley.

Designed by Martin Lihs at Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany, this Wiimote turned spray can demonstrates the possibilities of the Wii console for other gaming genres. The Wiispray aims to give digital vandals all of the commodities of a real spray can, though done in a total virtual outlet.

If Nintendo were to handle a Wii Spray concept right, they might be able to conceive a new path for their very family-centric gaming system, and possibly expand into other markets. Of course it could wind up a disaster as well. It would kind of suck if the Wii Spray were to be integrated into some sort of girly-man art project. We’re just sayin’.

Design Page via PSFK

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L Says: June 23, 2008 at 2:30 pm

I think a virtual world where you attach the wii spray to the nunchuk could be amazing. Bombing the city and beating other graffiti writers. it could appear in the same fashion as the territory colours on the san andreas maps. Your aim of course to conquer the streets.

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