The Protfolio recycled solar bag

by Ally

There have been a few very fashionable solar bags out there, yet there is something to be said for a solar bag that is simple and just does its job. Besides the fashionable options typically cost upwards of $500 a pop. If you keep it simple with a bag like this Protfolio it will end up being slighty cheaper and the simple black makes it good for both guys and girls. As opposed to the occasional brightly colored hand bags with solar panels slapped onto them, which are quite obviously for women only.

The protfolio is broken up into different compartments one side being padded to house your laptop and the other section for your files and other random gadgets. As with all solar bags it has a way to hook your gadget up to the panel and when it has enough juice, will charge it up. Of course as always how much juice it has depends on how much sun it has seen and how sunny outside it is. Cloudy days will slow the process down a bit. Luckily the Protfolio from Reware has just gone on sale. It was priced at $399 but is now on sale for $299. Not exactly cheap, but it will likely end up being a worthy investment to keep your gadgets charged no matter where you are.

Source: shinyshiny

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