Softbank 923SH Mobile Phone

I have to admit that I am a fan of those types of phones like the Sidekick which can flip out their screens for a horizontal read. So I was naturally attracted to the 923SH, one of ten new phones to come out from Softbank.

The first question I had to ask was how does the phone on the left fold up to the phone on the right? Clearly, Softbank has some folding technology that I do not know about.

The display on the 923SH is something that we do know about. It uses Sharp’s unique AQUOS LCD panel, technology that we reported about with the SE94 Series. Clearly, this HDTV technology has somehow been miniaturized, and this display is capable of many, many colors.

This phone is capable of recording video content. It features a 29mm wide-angle lens, and can record at 15 fps (Frame per second) and 30 fps.

For those of you who have never heard of Softbank, it is a Japanese telecommunications company that is pretty big in its country of origin. I am guessing that the availability of their newest phone is limited in Japan, as much of the information that I found was on sites in Japanese.

The Softbank 923SH release is planned for this summer, and is available in many colors including black, navy, clear white, and silk pink.