The USB Airplane Fan

by Ally

With weather warming up, or at least I think it has warmed up, all we’ve gotten here is rain, either way you might need a fan if it’s getting hot where you’re at.  You can’t have just any old fan either, you have to have a strangely shaped one or no fan at all.  This cute little fan is definitely for those that grew up with thoughts of becoming a pilot, or with fascinations with airplanes.  Then as many of us did, ended up doing something entirely different for a living.  It would also look very cute at your child’s computer, if they have one of course.

The fan is USB-powered, as you might have guessed and the fan blades are a soft plastic so it won’t take off any fingers when you decide to mess with the propellers.  It also features a nice quiet motor and an on and off switch directly on it.  Exciting stats I know, it has two colors though, that’s interesting.  Right?  It comes in both the blue shown here as well as white.  The cute little fan is currently being sold for a whopping $10.

Source: GeekAlerts

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