The Daily System: A Real-Life Superwall

by AndrewD

If you’re a user of Facebook you’ve probably heard of the Superwall application which turns your standard comment wall into a rich text and media sharing ground. If you thought THAT was a Superwall, you’re going to flip over Pottery Barn’s Daily System wall unit for total productivity.

The Daily System is a modular wall setup which features a wide assortment of productivty uses. It’s an attempt at throwing everything essential to continuing your busy schedule in the contents of one complete system. The Daily System has it all, from calanders to recharge compartments for all of your gadgets.

The Daily System recently added a Recharge Station which uses Smart Technology so you can organize electronic devices and recharge MP3 players, laptops, and phones all in one place. Each modular component of the daily system slides onto a wall-mounted stainless-steel rod, keeping everything compact and close to each-other.

Among the modular components available are the Recharge Station, a whiteboard calander, a chalkboard, an office organizer, a letter bin, a linen pinboard, a postal cubby, and even additional canisters. Everything you need to keep your life in order is set into the headquarters of the Daily System. Prices of the modular additions range from $8.99 to $129, depending on your needs.

Product Page via Unplugged

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