LunaBlocks Make Your World More Lego

by Mark R

I’ve always wanted to live in a world where Lego blocks are the primary method of architectural construction. Can you imagine how easy it would be to build your three-story house? And, if you wanted to change it around, like adding a wall, it’s just a quick afternoon project instead of a major remodel.

Well, you can’t make a house out of large Legos (yet!), but you can at least make completely functional Lego furniture. These giant bricks are made by LunaBlocks, a company created by Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker of Lunatic Construction. Personally, I think this construction company should be renamed, as it implies the workers are complete lunatics.

The LunaBlocks come in several forms. For example, the LunaGlass is the basic brick that comes in several shapes and colors, including transparent ones. The LunaSoft is made of durable polypropylene for the kids. The LunaLight is a pillow-like material, while the LunaMetal is the opposite, as they are cast in steel.

Put all these bricks together, and you have one bumpy interior design scheme. These bricks can be purchased at the Homology site. This site is in French, and prices on the individual bricks are in Euros, with varying prices.


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