Hair Hats: Animals Most Likely Not Harmed

PETA would have a fit about these Hair Hats, even if they are made out of synthetic animal hair (and heads.) Wearing a fake, albeit realistic, animal head on top of your hair as a fashion statement isn’t exactly the most politically correct choice of style.

Designed by Nagi Noda, the Hair Hats are made out of (what we assume is) synthetic hair, and is crafted to resemble the face of a creature in nature. We’re not quite sure whether the hats are designed custom for each model or prefabricated for a varety of hair colors.

Here’s what we do know though: 1) Wearing an animal head for fashion is strikingly creepy, if not fascinating. 2) Some of the animal heads look a little too realistic for our taste. Our brand of fashion leans more towards the nerdy chic side of the runway. This, on the other hand, is pretty damn extreme, even for the sake of runway modeling.

Product Page via Neatorama