Light on Call


Don’t worry about stumbling into a dark home ever again with the Light on Call security system.

“Light on Call” is a simple–to-operate system that provides an essential security element, “light” at any time. It is a system, where upon receiving a phone call, energizes light and provides illumination anywhere from 3 to 300 minutes. Operating time is easily adjustable by turning the knob of the unit to the desire time. The unit provides safety and peace of mind to people of any age and all it requires is a phone jack and a single call home. A circuit detects the first incoming ring and turns connected lamp on prior to the actual sound of the first ring of the phone. Any domestic lamp can be plugged into the unit. Calling your home, office, apartment ,remote holiday condo or any location having the PIU-101 unit installed is free of charge. Even international calls are “free”.

Well, one thing’s for sure. Once you’ve made your call and arrive home only to find your house in darkness, do not panic. Either the bulb is blown, of you’ve forgotten to pay your monthly power bill yet again. The Light on Call will retail for $24.99.

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