Klipsch Image X5 Headphones

by Mark R

Once again, my skepticism alarm has gone off again when I heard the words “world’s smallest”. Klipsch has been saying that their Image X10 headphones are the world’s smallest headphones, but the company has just recently announced a newer version with the X5, headphones that are 2mm larger in diameter than its predecessor.

Of course, size doesn’t matter in the world of headphones, only quality. The X5 has quality in spades.

The X5 uses the same translucent contour ear gels that fit very comfortably in the human ear, and are designed to reduce “ear fatigue”. They also have a seal for noise isolation with an increased bass response. All of that translates into one great listening experience with sound that almost completely shuts off the rest of the world.

The headphones are electroplated with aluminum housings that are “durable as they are stylish”. The wires are 50-inch vinyl cables, so they won’t break easily.

The Image X5 is completely compatible with the iPod and iPhone, as well as any other device that has a standard headphone jack. You should be able to purchase the Image X5 later this month for about $250. This is a lot less costly than the X10, which was set to be priced at $350.


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