Keylite Keeps The Lock In View

by AndrewD

Even if you’re one of the most organized people in the world, always placing your keys in the exact same place in your purse or pocket, there is still no way for you to have night vision without some serious high-tech aide. Once you fumble around for your keys and finally grab hold, you’re now faced with actually finding the damn lock itself.

What if there were a way to merge the usefulness of a flashlight, with the home security need of keys? The Keylite allows their cool gadget to be placed right on the head of your standard house key, turning it into a bright flashlight in seconds so you’re not left in the dark.

The Keylite contains a bright white LED light bulb and is shipped with a battery included. This simple gadget has the potential to turn a very frustrating situation of playing hide and seek with your lock and key in the dark, and getting in your home in seconds.

And for only $2.95, the Keylite will barely make a dent in your wallet. It might not even make a dent in your change purse for that amount of dough. For the amount of use that will come out of it if you often work late at night, it might be well worth it.

Product Page (Thanks forum user gadget4life via the Coolest Gadget Forums!)

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