Ergoskin shirt fixes your bad posture

by Ally

I am one that is extremely guilty of bad posture on occasion, I have gotten better with age.  However, the longer I am on my computer and even worse when I’m doing any gaming, my posture slowly gets worse and worse.  Eventually ending with a slightly sore back.  This shirt is meant to remind you when you’re starting to get that infamous hunch.  Personally, I say if your doctor hasn’t scolded you about your posture, slouch while you still can.

Eventually they do start to nag a bit about that.  If your doc has started grumbling a bit, this shirt will help you on your path to perfect posture.  After you slouch for a few minutes you will start feeling tiny pistons tap on the surface of your skin.  I’m not entirely sure what that would feel like, however, the inventor says that it is not painful at all.  Eventually after wearing the shirt for a bit it will correct your bad posture and even strengthen those core muscles.  Ergoskin has already won Austria’s National design award for 2007.  Sadly, it is not available just yet.  However, that does mean the next time your doctor starts that obnoxious grumbling, you can claim that you’re waiting until you can buy this shirt to fix it for you.

Source: bookofjoe

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