RSStroom Reader

by Mark R

Okay, this is one of those devices that is so crazy that I had to report on it.

What you are seeing isn’t some new type of printer with spool-like rolls of paper. These paper rolls are ones that we are all familiar with, as we use it every day in the bathroom. That’s right, someone finally invented a printer that uses toilet paper to print on.

This isn’t just any printer, but the RSStroom reader is so named because it can print the latest RSS updates on toilet paper. I know people who live and die by these RSS feeds, so this is definitely something for them.

Of course, if they want to keep a hard copy, you definitely don’t want to wipe with it. This is one of those articles where bathroom humor could take over, and this could get really crappy. If you are sick of it already, I highly suggest not reading any further.

Hopefully, the RSStroom reader isn’t one of those printers that uses a lot of ink. I can’t stand it when the ink runs on my documents. The last thing I need is black marks on my (ahem).

The RSStroom reader is from Yi Tien electronics, but I have no word on the price of the release date.


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