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While it might seem like a no-brainer for every one to own a cell phone, it would be impossible for that to actually happen since cell phones aren’t exactly too friendly to those who suffer from poor eyesight, a fading memory and even those who have problems when it comes to remembering number sequences. This is where the telephone accessory known as FotoDialer comes in. The FotoDialer specifically targets senior citizens, aiming to help them regain use of their home telephone without having to know or remember the number to dial. How does it work, exactly? Well, for starters, this innovative device is able to connect to virtually any home telephone. Users will then thumb through one of a half dozen pages of photographs for the desired place to call. In order to place a call automatically courtesy of the FotoDialer, the user has but to touch a button next to the photograph of the person or place. Pretty simple, no?

Here’s a testimony on the effectiveness of the FotoDialer if you’re still a skeptic. According to Moana W., an early user of the FotoDialer, “We installed the FotoDialer for my elderly in-laws. Grandpa takes care of Grandma, who is very forgetful. When Grandpa fell, Grandma was able to get to the phone, use the FotoDialer and get help. She said if she hadn’t had the FotoDialer, she would have been unable to remember numbers and (was) too shaky to dial the phone. FotoDialer has literally been a lifesaver.”

After all, when it comes to seniors, falls are often one of the main causes that result in serious injuries, and the FotoDialer certainly takes away the stress of trying to remember just which number to call in case of an emergency. The FotoDialer is able to accommodate up to 24 wallet-sized (2″ x 3″) pictures. Thankfully, the buttons beside each picture are large enough for even Incredible Hulk to press deftly.

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Adam Says: August 21, 2014 at 11:26 am

Thanks for the info. We actually have a FotoDialer and love it (thanks in part to good reviews like yours).
Another benefit is it won’t lose the numbers stored in it if the power goes out or batteries die. That was sure helpful as I’d hate to re-program 24 numbers. Sweet product.

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