Platform Shoes Embedded With Working Gameboys

by AndrewD

Most commonly worn by British girl-power pop stars and Japanese transsexual prostitutes, gigantic platform shoes were once on the path to making their way to the mainstream. Normal platforms were big for awhile, but these absolutely gigantic ones were a little too extreme for modern fashion.

But nothing is too extreme for us geeks! And that is made abundantly clear with these platform shoes that allow you to embed your Nintendo Gameboy right into the extra-tall lift. These platforms provide you built-in storage for your handheld console, so you can whip out a gaming session anytime, without causing bulk in your pocket.

These Gameboy platform shoes have already been scene being worn by Japanese gamer girls. And everyone knows that Japanese girls must have two Gameboys on them at all times. Isn’t that a law or something by now?

While you might have a hell of a time trying to find a pair of your own (there doesn’t seem to be an online retail outlet for these platforms yet), these extreme pieces of footwear are an ultimate gift for your Spice Girl loving gamer buddy.

Source via Technabob

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