Automated Touchscreen Poker Table

by AndrewD

Imagine if you and your buddies could all get together for a game of Texas Hold’em and not even require a physical deck of cards? Poker had a sort of a second or third-wind within the last few years with the popularity of online gambling and college frat boys who have too much time on their hands.

This excellent (yet extremely expensive) X10 10 player Automated Poker Table might be the next-generation gadget of choice for casinos and wealthy poker fans. And when we say wealthy, we mean wealthy enough to shell out $30k for a high-tech poker table.

The X10 comes with a set of ten 12.1” touchscreens, one for each player, while featuring a 27″ touchscreen in the center of the table which acts as the dealer and house hand display. The player reveals there cards by touching the card animations on their screens.

One thing which worries us about the X10 is that it seems too easy for each player to view their opponents hands, which of course is a serious disadvantage to every player. Though for a mighty $29,950, this table would most likely not be in every home. Only for the most refine of poker players.

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Reason Says: June 3, 2008 at 5:45 am

I personally think that this table will flop, unless the the following things can be taken care of. If a digital screen is being used, it should be HD and with some wild animations. Also if you have a digital table, why not have access to your personal bank account, that you can register prior to arriving to the casino, or just have a card swipe option. And to beef it up even more, why not allow you to order the drinks right from your seat through the table itself?
To avoid cheating each screen should be surrounded by some type of a cover. Also the monitors themselves might need to take a little angle to produce some glare.
Because the table is digital, it leaves cheaters a lot of room to play with, which can lead to potential problems for casino owners, even thought now they could cut the dealers out of their payroll.
Best feature with this device is probably for casino owners to be able to cut their staff expense.

This is a good idea that still needs some improvements.It’s no where close to Microsoft’s interactive touch screen table project, but a start.



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