The PNY Attache Lady USB drive

by Ally

Apparently there are still places in the world where the brains of a product matter for less than the looks.  I prefer my gadgets to look nice just as much as any girl and this product is indeed cute.  However, it is a whopping 4GB, which has its uses of course.  You could always have it tossed in your purse for those very random emergency situations.  Beyond that, 4GB just seems like far too little to keep me happy.  I don’t know, maybe you only save one document at a time then erase it, if that’s the case then you might be interested in this little USB drive.

Nothing is really wrong with the drive, it has cute little flowers and a cute even smaller storage space, yet I’m not sure it’s worth paying more than $20 for.  Seriously, it’s a tiny USB drive that they slapped a pretty sticker on.  Engraved flowers, maybe, but a sticker, sorry it’s just not worth the $60 they have it priced at.  Not all women want just pretty gadgets, some of us prefer them to be cost effective and useful.  Weird I know.

Source: Gizmodiva

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