USB Tumbler Speaker Spites You With Perfect Balance

Do you remember playing with a toy called the Weeble? They were miniature weighted ovals, which sort of resembled very colorful paperweights. They were a perfect example of mindless fun and totally addictive. No matter how much you tried to wobble the little guys, they would never fall over.

Seemingly inspired from the retro toy, the USB Tumbler Speaker from Brando refuses to fall, no matter how many times you attempt to shove it on its side. Thankfully, the novelty of owning a non-tumbling speaker doesn’t sacrifice the audio quality.

The USB Tumbler Speaker features an unscrewable extension tube which maximizes the bass for ultra-booming sound. Available in your choice of black or red, the speaker comes with a rechargeable battery (via USB) and couldn’t be easier to operate.

The Tumbler acts as an amplifier for your computer or portable media device, so the volume is controlled from the source, rather than the speaker. This way you don’t have to get up to change the volume if the speaker is out of arms reach. You can grab your own for $15.

Product Page via Technabob

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