Three different DIY solar mowers to save you cash

by Ally

With gas prices climbing even mowing the lawn has started to break the bank. So unless you have the world’s smallest lawn getting an electric mower is kind of obnoxious. Besides that, if you have a solar lawn mower you can seem eco-friendly and much more cool than your neighbors. Hopefully you’re good at small DIY projects though, because that is exactly what this is. That or you could slide this website under the nose of someone that is and try to con them into giving it a try. If I actually had a lawn to mow I’m sure I’d consider trying to coerce someone else into doing this for me. Me trying to alter a lawn mower in anyway would likely end up in a small explosion.

Alright probably not, since these three different projects are all for electric mowers, so I’d probably just shock myself really good as opposed to an explosion, but you get the idea. All three of the projects come from three different DIYers so you can pick and choose which design you like the best. One of the designs keeps the solar panel separate and just charges the mower when you are done if you don’t like the bulky panel being attached at all times.

Source: ubergizmo

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