Company invents Star Wars like holovideo …. Obi Wan Still our only hope

by James

Help Me ObiWan Kinobi

Sure, scientists and students at USC may have invented the 360 hologram last year, but now we have hologram video conferencing to enjoy. An Australian company named “Telstra” claims to have created a mobile, three dimensional holographic video of their Chief Technology Officer doing a live business presentation from Melborne to Adelaide.

Dubbed the Musio Eyeliner System (who made that name up?), the hologram was taken using a high definition camera, broadcast in real time over phone lines and using an optical projection system to create the holograph on the other end. “It has the look and feel of being in the same room together,” said Hugh Bradlow.

The presentation also went as far as saying that as broadband internet gets faster and faster, and as the technology matures the commercial viability of holograph video conferencing will become more and more feasible economically.

“You can envisage this in education, in entertainment, in news media as a holographic system, but the whole class of telepresence systems is going to be across all businesses,” Telstra’s group managing director for enterprise and government, David Thodey said.

Course, had Telstra had a flair for the dramatic, they would’ve picked up an R2 video projector and wired it to accept the holograph signal. Then at least they could’ve used Carrie Fisher to give the presentation and not some Aussie computer geek … oh well, maybe episode 7 of Star Wars will.

Hat Tip – ZD Net DownUnder

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