Asus New Controllers have a design Wii are all familiar with

by Mark R

I couldn’t resist reporting on this one. After all, I love the Wii, and everyone loves Asus.

Asus recently demonstrated a pair of controllers at a recent tech fair in Taipei, and it caused a stir amongst gadget blogs everywhere. The purpose of these remotes appear to be advanced gaming controllers. I have included a video of it in action at the end of this article.

The controllers bear a strong resemblance to a certain Nunchuck belonging to a certain console system whose last name rhymes with Mii. I suppose that there could be material for a lawsuit here from Nintendo. Yet unlike the controller for the Wii, the Asus controller uses two Nunchucks, and they are not wired together. Not only that, but these Asus controllers are bright orange instead of Wii white.

Another lawsuit could be filed by another video game console company: Sony. You may notice that the button configuration on the Asus remote on the right resembles a Playstation controller. I doubt there’s a case for this either.

It appears that the pictures show a bundled USB key, so I’m guessing these controllers can be connected to any PC. The wireless controllers don’t have a scheduled release date, but they are rumored to be priced at about $70.


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