I’m certain some of you are probably stumbling over the title of this article. What the heck is an Unshredder? The opposite of the Shredder, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles greatest enemy?

Actually, the Unshredder is something that helps a user “unshred” shredded documents, something spy agencies have been doing for years. All a user has to do is just use the scanning technology with the device’s artificial intelligence, and that which was shredded will be made whole once again.

Granted, the work of restoring a shredded document is only made less tedious as a user must paste the torn strips of the document onto a transparent tray, and then scan both sides.

This definitely would have come in handy during the cold war. I once heard this story of some American ship that would shred its documents, then it would just throw them out into the sea. This was before environmentalists told us it was a big no-no. Anyway, a Russian submarine would pick up these shredded documents, dry them off, then painstakingly put them together to recover top secret information.

Imagine how easy it would have been if the Soviets had the Unshredder. Well, now you can have it for a rather expensive price of $950 per year for its licensing fee.


3 thoughts on “Unshredder”

  1. I wonder if it works with cross cut shredders as well. I say it times for cross cut shredders that shred into 2mmx2mm squares so the average identity thief just moves onto someone who doesn’t have a shredder. Who knows, we may be re-shredding to beat the unshredder.

  2. In the 1980’s I spent six months with a household name company, involved in the computer business here in the UK. A secretary was working late one night, and as she went to Ladies room before packing up and going home, she passed a senior member of management standing at the shredder, empty handed. A few minutes later she was returning, and he was still there. He stopped her and asked “Where do the copies come out?”

    An unshredder would probably have come in handy at that company.

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