Taser brings man’s heart back to normal

by Ally

Tasers have been used by cops for centuries, alright, maybe not that long, but long enough. By now you would think we know all we need to know about them. They zap, it hurts, end of story. One thing tasers are not supposed to be able to do is affect one’s heart in anyway. Well recent events have doctors concerned about the use of tasers. Apparently one genius was running from the cops and decided to hide in a lake. This brilliant criminal chose not just any lake, but a freezing cold one.

Since the water was extremely cold his heart experienced an atrial fibrillation, meaning, he had an irregular heartbeat. Once the cops tasered him his heartbeat returned to normal. Then upon this occurring, he began resisting arrest once again. Wow, am I glad they saved this guy’s life, I’m sure he will go on to do such great things. The entire event does have doctors concerned since tasers aren’t supposed to affect your body to that extent. The tasing company, have been quick to point out that this particular instance could be explained by many other factors besides the device itself. Which means as of now, there is no proof that we should be alarmed, so feel free to carry on and taser yourself to your heart’s content.

Source: Crunchgear

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