Orb pries iPhones open


The iPhone is one stunning device to use, as you surely cannot argue against the sales numbers which doesn’t seem to abate even after being out in the market for approximately one year now? With news of an impending 3G iPhone ready to roll out this summer, the hype train is even going to pick up more speed. With Steve Jobs being the control freak that he is, it is no surprise the iPhone is a pretty locked down device and will take some jailbreaking before it can be unlocked, leaving many people being stuck in iTunes jail. Forget about being in iTunes jail – Orb Networks has a “Get out of jail free” card with their new OrbLive iPhone application. What does this do, exactly? Read on after the jump to find out more.

The Apple iPhone or iPod touch, while extremely popular, offer a limited multi-media experience, since they are constrained by the titles offered via iTunes. Many other less expensive phones on the market deliver broader access to media files and formats, because they stream content and are not tethered to iTunes. In addition, since a growing number of media publishers are offering their titles for free, having to pay for them via iTunes makes the iPhone and iPod touch expensive to operate, not just expensive to buy. With OrbLive on your iPhone or iPod touch and the free Orb Media Center application on the PC where you have all your media, all the media from that PC – music, TiVo-to-Go recordings, videos and movies in any format – are all available while you are away. Users no longer have to sync with iTunes or wait for titles to become available. If the media can play on the PC, it will play on the iPhone.

Now that’s what I’m talking about – you can head on here to download OrbLive today.

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