Magellan Travel Scale

Weight loss isn’t exactly one of my major priorities. It’s not that I couldn’t spare a few pounds (or a lot of few pounds, even), it’s just that with so much going on in my life right now, it seems like a I can’t find a spare second to sleep, let alone weigh myself and monitor food intake. Does this sort of mentality remind you of anyone?

Health and physical well-being are on an upswing compared to the indulgence of the late-90s and early millennium years. People are starting to get back into their peak condition for health reasons, rather than sex appeal, even though that’s always a plus. But how can you work such a time-swallowing event into your traveling? The Magellan Travel Scale is the key.

What makes the Magellan Travel Scale such an awesome little gadget is its compact design. The sides of the scale pull-out to reveal a backlit digital display, readable in both pounds and kilos. It’s lightweight and compact design allow the scale to easily squeeze into your average carry-on bag.

For $40 you can grab your own Travel Scale and never have to miss another weigh-in. Keeping it around will also keep you inspired, or at least stand as a visual reminder that you should be a good boy. The looming image of the scale is inspirational enough to diet most of the time.

Product Page via Red Ferret Journal