Corsair Dominator DDR3 memory kit


Corsair, a leading name when it comes to computer memory, has just announced that it will be rolling out its new 4GB Dominator DDR3 memory kit at Computex 2008 which will be held early next month. This new memory kit will run at speeds of up to 2,000MHz, making it the perfect fodder for folks who demand nothing but the best when it comes to computing performance. So far, the brains at Corsair have tested and guaranteed for operation at the lightning fast overclocked speed of 2,000MHz, so gamers ought to know what they should be doing as they read this news – start saving already in order to get your hands on this when it finally hits the retail market!

The DOMINATOR family of memory represents the ultimate in performance technology engineering from Corsair. DOMINATOR is designed with the highest performing IC overclocking capability and Corsair’s patented DHX cooling. DHX technology is an innovative quad-layer heat sink design that optimizes memory performance and reliability by maximizing thermal dissipation. With DHX Technology, heat is removed via two paths — the leads of the BGA chips into the PCB (conductive cooling) and the back of the BGA packages into the custom designed extruded aluminum heat sinks (convective cooling). This allows DOMINATOR modules to achieve industry leading overclocking performance while remaining stable and reliable.

You will be able to see the new 4GB Dominator DDR3 2000MHz memory kit avail itself at a good retail store near you, Corsair’s authorized distributors, resellers and e-tailers from Q3 onwards, with a sticker price tag of $675. Don’t be surprised at the retail price though – this is one of the few times where you actually get what you pay for. After all, who doesn’t want faster frame rates, loading times, and task switching of up to eleven times faster?

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