Backyard Inflatable Water Park


With summer being just around the corner, it makes perfect sense to get some sort of backyard toys for the kids to have their fair share of fun as school grinds to a halt.

Rising 10 1/2′ into the air, this is the backyard inflatable water park with a tunnel slide that passes beneath a larger traditional slide, both of which are constantly irrigated by built-in sprinklers and have splash pools at the end of each, making it ideal for summer fun. An included 960-watt electric air blower plugs into AC and inflates the park easily and quickly, keeping it resilient and firm. The 0.3 mm-thick PVC shell will withstand years of play, and resists mold and fading. Eight 18″-long stakes firmly secure the park to the ground; four additional stakes keep the air blower and air hose rigidly fixed in one place. Four water bags affix to the side of the slide to provide further stabilization. The sprinklers attach to one garden hose, requiring no additional configuration.

Unfortunately for us adults, we’ll have to head off to a water park if we want to relive our childhood moments on this, as the $499.95 toy is meant for kids aged between 5 to 12 years old only.

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