Video Passports

Passports have become a major piece of identification for obtaining many other important documents. You can even use a passport to help get you a drivers license. The problem is that passports have become increasingly easy to forge with the improving technology.

In an attempt to halt passport forgery in its tracks, Samsung SDI and Germany’s Bundesdruckerei have been working on the development of a passport with a bendable OLED colored display on a special polycarbonate data page which can be used to display a variety of content, including video.

Powered by a contactless reader, the Video Passport would need no batteries and can even be laminated for extra security precautions. Though controversy about including sensitive electronics components in a passport have alreaedy started to stir some trouble for the device’s future.

Certain people debate that the electronic components within the video passport could eventually be hacked, causing some serious security problems with international travel. But with how passports are made now, wouldn’t this be an improvement anyway? Cyber terrorism might be the wave of the future, but anything that can help stifle forgeries in the near future would be a welcomed measure.

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