Rock Band Stage Kit

I believe that I have mentioned on Coolest Gadgets just how much I love Guitar Hero. Just playing the game makes me feel like a huge rock star.

I have yet to play the similar game of Rock Band, which allows you to use a guitar, drum, keyboard, and microphone. The game has been selling as good as Guitar Hero, and encourages playing in a group instead of solo.

Whether you play solo or in group on these musical games, a new product has come out that allows you to go with that “I want to be a rock-and-roll star” aspiration.

So far, there has been very little information given about the The Stage Kit, a peripheral for Xbox 360’s Rock Band. From what we can see, it appears to have some kind of strobe light, and what looks to be some kind of fog machine effect.

After all, what is a rock band stage show without strobe lights and smoke effects? All that is needed now is a laser show and some type of Iron Maiden monster. The Stage Kit does appear to have what looks to be some kind of newfangled wireless controller of some type.

We’ll find out when it gets released on August 15th, for about $100. It is available for pre-order on the Gamestop site.