Ninja Tacks Put Your Boss In Their Place

Has your boss been walking all over you ever since you were hired to your current job? Some office managerial figures are on a real power trip, strutting their all-knowing knowledge to all of their powerless underlings. Would your boss treat you that way if he thought you were a ninja?

Psh, hell no he wouldn’t. His prized khaki pants and the legs within them would be quaking with fear that you might one day mysteriously appear out of an abandoned alley and go all kung-fu on his booty. Even if you don’t have ninja skills, these excellent Ninja Tacks can send the message.

Designed by Chromoly, a new partnership between designer Jonathan Sabine and  ad-designer Adam Pickard, the Ninja Tacks are the only project to be announced from the partnership thus far. The tacks are designed to look like deadly ninja stars, but in actuality, are nothing more that bulletin board tacks.

So sure, you might actually be nothing more that a sluggish cubicle worker, but what is there stopping your boss from believing that you are a super covert ninja by night? When he takes a look at the Ninja Tacks protruding from your cube’s cork board, his whole mentality just might make a change.

Design Page via Designboom