Giant Fabric Keyboard

Computer peripherals continue to get smaller and smaller. These days, the mouse would be better apt called the mouse embryo. And it doesn’t stop there. Keyboards are becoming more compact as well. Eventually, we might have to start fearing for those among us who have larger hands.

The Giant Fabric Keyboard seems like a perfect protest for the evolution of shrinking peripherals. This keyboard is living large, and it’s not afraid to strut its stuff. Flickr user Maurin has a great new set of photos up which shows how the Giant Fabric Keyboard was created.

Using several lengths of conductive fabric, a perforated foam core, and an Arduino processor, Maurin has created a keyboard for all of those characters we used to read about in our fantasy novels. The giants of lands which never existed.

While a full step-by-step tutorial for creating your own Giant is nowhere to be found, the Flickr stream does a decent job at documenting the steps of production. If you already have a decent knowledge about DIYing and mods, you can probably figure out for yourself how to create this monster.

Flickr via Hack A Day